Community Resources

Big thanks to Harmon Stores for their 2020 partnership!

Because of this connection with Good360, our foster youth are able to get beauty supplies and toiletries when needed.

“When you are in college you must often decide between maxi pads, soap, study group snack, a book not on the class list, food, (especially if you take the cheaper meal plan to use the money for summer classes), cell phone bill, (it’s our only line of communication for a job, internship, friends that help us, therapist), or laundry detergent” – O.M

As you can see from one of our college youth, this is why it is crucial that we reach out to stores and the community to make sure there is ample supply WHEN a youth is in need. Any official State worker that has youth in college aging or aged out and in need can arrange to pick up items at our Westchester location.

We will follow all COVID-19 guidelines.


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