Thank you Donors!

Testimonials from our college youth

Thank you FosterKidsUnite, Inc, for letting me apply for the Robert Cooper Memorial Scholarship. I am in foster care but they consider me an “illegal alien”, I know, it makes no sense that they get money for having me in the system, but I can’t get traditional financial aid, thank you for helping me.

I got that target gift card and it came just in time, I just started another job and I was able to purchase clothes for their dress policy. I’m super thankful for the care package

“Oh my goodness I love the boxes. Thank you so much I literally cried opening them just now. You guys are amazing and I was not expecting all that at all!”
“I really liked the pens I used them for my finals today!”

My name is M’mahawa and I’m 21 years old. I’m a youth in foster care I would like to thank
The Girl Scout troop 1541, FosterKidsUnite, Inc., & donors for the wonderful gift bag and gift cards.
Receiving the gift bag means a lot to me. It help me order a test book online for my Gerontology class and buy other basic things I needed. I really appreciate it.